Microscope Beamsplitter with Camera Adapter


The beamsplitter allows the light path to be split allowing a video camera, digital camera, or an assistant head to be attached to the microscope. The most common beamsplitter used is a 50-50 / 20-80, which means one side splits the light into 50% to the user’s eye and 50% to the digital camera. The 20-80 is 20% to the camera and 80% to the user’s eye.

Live Video and Digital Cameras

Seiler offers a 1080p HD live video camera option for teaching purposes or patient viewing. The HD camera can be equipped on any Seiler Microscope or Colposcope.

XL Pantographic Arm

XL Pantographic Arm

Seiler's Brand new XL Pantographic Arm provides an additional 8" to the overall reach along with a newly designed Gas Piston Technology for superior movement.

Go Pro

This GoPro HERO has been specially modified to fit Seiler microscopes. The HERO 10 shoots 5.3K video with higher frame rates, 23MP photos, enhanced low-light performance and HyperSmooth 4.0 video stabilization in all modes. HERO 10 is cloud connected—so the moment you charge it, your footage is automatically uploaded to the cloud.

canon dslr on adapter

DSLR Camera Adapter

Easily attach specific Sony, Canon, or Nikon DSLR camera directly to the microscope for high quality, razor sharp images. DSLR adapter sold separately.

monitor mount on Colposcope 985

TV Mount

The TV mount allows a TV to be attached to the pole.

Smart Phone Adaptor

Easily attach any smart phone directly to the microscope for quick and easy image capture.

Cloner Capture Device

ClonerAlliance Box Pro is a standalone video capture box to record videos at 1080p and take single shot images.

4K HDMI Color Camera

Seiler offers a selectable 1080p or 2160p 4K live video camera option for teaching purposes or patient viewing. The 4k camera can be equipped on any Seiler Microscope or Colposcope.

Adapters on beamsplitter

Video and Digital Camera Adapters

The Video and Digital Camera adapters allow Canon, Nikon, and Sony DSLR Cameras, Camcorders, and Seiler's CCD Live Video or the new HD Live Video cameras to be mounted to any Seiler Microscope/Colposcope.

Magewell USB Video Capture

Record live video directly to your laptop computer with the Magewell USB Capture device. With its HDMI v1.4a input, this capture device will accept resolutions up to 2048x21620 120fps.

Assistant Teaching Tubes

The Assistant Teaching tubes allow a second head to be attached to the scope in order for a second person to view the operating surface at the same time as the main user. The tube is attached to a beamsplitter and a binocular or monocular head is then attached. Available in 2D and 3D.

LCD Flat Panel Monitor

LCD Flat Panel Monitor

Seiler offers a standard size 24” LCD HD color TV for those who purchase a video package.


Vario Focus

Never change an objective again. Stay in focus from 200mm to 350mm by simply turning the fine focus knob.

Variofocus Shield

Clear plastic barrier that attaches to Seiler's Variofocus objective lens.

side view of extender rotation device

Extender and Rotation Device

The Extender and Rotation Device allows the user to change the direction of the optic pod of the microscope while keeping the binocular head in a fixed position. This allows the user to pan left and right to view different quadrants of the mouth without changing their ergonomic positioning.

Microscope Binocular Head

Binocular Heads

Binocular Heads are interchangeable on all of the Seiler Microscopes with several different options to choose from.

Microscope Eyepieces


Seiler Microscopes come standard with either 10x or 12.5x Wide Field eyepieces. The configuration depends on the type of microscope that you are working with. Additional options include WF 16x and 20x.

Objective Lenses for Microscopes

Objective Lenses - Protective Lens Cover

Seiler operating scopes come with a standard objective configuration generally 250mm or 300mm. Other objective lengths are available from 175-400mm, which can be interchanged on the scope before it is sent to the customer. (50mm=2inches) 250mm gives the user about a 10 inch working distance. 300mm= 12inches, 350mm= 14inches and so on.

Dual Iris Diaphragm for Microscope

Dual Iris Diaphragm

The Dual Iris Diaphragm controls the aperture for a greater depth of field. It is the optimum solution for your digital photography needs.

Laser Barrier Filter on Scope

Laser Barrier Filter

The laser barrier filter protects against all three different wavelengths ranging from 780-2940nm. This small compact filter has no change in visual when placed on the microscope providing superior visualization.

rubber handle covers

Rubber Handle Covers

Rubber handle covers for microscopes

slim drape

Surgical Drapes

Surgical drape for colposcopes and Alpha Slim and Zoom available

10" extension arm (not for table or mobile stands)

10" Extension Arm

10" Extension Arm (Not for Table or Mobile Stand