The Seiler CO2 Laser Micromanipulator is intended to be used with articulated arm CO2 surgical lasers and the Seiler Colposcope Model 935, 955, and 985. The micromanipulator is a surgical tool used primarily for GYN and ENT.

  • GYN: Cervicitis; carcinoma in situ; cervical polyps; condyloma acuminatum; vaginal adenosis; vulvar lesions; neoplasms of the vulva, urethral orifice and cervix; condyloma acuminatum of the vulva, vagina and cervix; leukoplakia of the vulva vagina and cervix.
  • ENT: Laryngeal stenosis; laryngeal granulomas; laryngocele; laryngeal polyps; carcinoma of the larynx, tongue, floor of mouth and palate.
  • Metal – 2024 and 6061 aluminum
  • Lenses – ZnSe (zinc selenide) coated
  • Joystick – ambidextrous with tension control
  • Handrest – ambidextrous and removable
  • Mounting – may be rotated 360° around optical axis of microscope
  • Mirror – 98% reflective index per 100W, 400W energy threshold
  • Focusing system – continuously variable zoom, two lens beam expander combined with a right angle turning mirror. Can be used from either the right or left side.
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