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Dr. Jenner & The 3D


3D Ceiling Mounted

Custom Cabinet / Wall Mounted

Alpha Air Dental

Alpha Air ENT

955 on Sonesta Chair

935 & 985

Microlux IV

Westlab III


Additional Videos

Seiler Medical – PromiseVision 3D ease of use

Seiler Medical – Importance of a Microscope in Dentistry

Seiler – Alpha Air 6

Introduction to Dental Microscopy | Presented by Seiler Instrument

Expert Tips – Dr. Brian Baliwas

Expert Tips – Dr Eduardo Nicolaievsky

Perio in a 3D World – 3D Microscopy with Dr. Puterman

Dr Tapan Koticha – 3D Microscope Enhanced Periodontics and Implant Dentistry

Introduction to Microscopy

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