Evolution ZOOM Microscope

Evolution ZOOM Opthalmology Microscope: Details

Our eyes are one of the most fragile organs in our body. When they require surgery, it is a meticulous and detailed procedure. The Seiler Evolution Zoom Microscope for Ophthalmology provides a detailed look at all areas of the eye. With advanced features such as enhanced Red Reflex, this microscope is designed to provide accurate imaging during cataract surgery, laser eye surgery, and other precision eye surgeries. This microscope also features an XY movement pedal, perfect for hands-free operating.  In addition to this state-of-the-art microscope with its built-in features, Seiler offers a variety of accessories to improve any surgeon operation. Items that can be added to this microscope include a beam splitter, camera equipment, an assistant teaching head, and Xenon light.  All Seiler Microscopes feature APOchromatic lenses, LED illumination, and an ergonomic sitting position for superior comfort.

Scope Specs

  • Optical System: Apochromatic with all optical aberration correction
  • Standard Objective: 250mm
  • Magnifications: Motorized Zoom 1:6
  • Magnification with standard objective: From 4x to 23x Continuous
  • Field of Observation: From 8mm to 60mm
  • Oculars: 12.5x
  • Ocular Diopter Adjustment: – 6D    TO   + 6D
  • Standard Binocular: 200 degrees (inclinable)
  • Interpupillary distance Adjustment: From 48mm up to 78mm
  • Microfocus: Motorized (joystick on hands and foot pedal control)
  • Microfocus Displacement: +/-20mm
  • Standard Illumination: LED system up to 120k LUX (halogen available)
  • Illumination Field: 55mm Diameter
  • Filters: Heat Absorbing, UV absorbing, green, blue blocker and halogen simulator
  • Standing: Movable with pantographic arm
  • Maximum vertical shift: 0.6m
  • Maximum reach: 1.2m
  • Maximum rotation: 570 degrees
  • Base dimensions: 840mm x 840mm with wheels and locker knob
  • Foot pedal: Multifunction water resistant
  • Voltage: Full range from 90VAC up to 240VAC automatically 50-60HZ
  • Power consumption: 200VA



  • Motorized XY: Total range in each axis +/- 22mm
  • Second observer: ocular 12.5x/binocular fixed 45 degree or inclinable 200 degree and 360 degrees of rotation
  • Image inverter for vitrotomy surgeries: Slim system high quality images
  • Optional illumination system: Halogen 150W – 80K LUX and xenon 180W – 150K LUX
  • Video system: Image splitter + camera adapter + digital camera