Evolution ZOOM Ophthalmology Microscope – Sale

Reg. Price: $39995
Sale Price: $Call

This sale item comes with a three-year warranty for optics, and mechanics and a one-year warranty for electronics. Most of these products have been used only at shows or for demonstration purposes. These sale items could also be discontinued items that have been replaced by newer models.

  • Optical System: Apochromatic with all optical aberration correction
  • Standard Objective: 250mm
  • Magnifications: Motorized Zoom 1:6
  • Magnification with standard objective: From 4x to 23x Continuous
  • Field of Observation: From 8mm to 60mm
  • Oculars: 12.5x
  • Ocular Diopter Adjustment: – 6D TO + 6D
  • Standard Binocular: 200 degrees (inclinable)
  • Interpupillary distance Adjustment: From 48mm up to 78mm
  • Microfocus: Motorized (joystick on hands and foot pedal control)
  • Microfocus Displacement: +/-20mm
  • Standard Illumination: LED system up to 120k LUX (halogen available)
  • Illumination Field: 55mm Diameter
  • Filters: Heat Absorbing, UV absorbing, green, blue blocker and halogen simulator
  • Standing: Movable with pantographic arm
  • Maximum vertical shift: 0.6m
  • Maximum reach: 1.2m
  • Maximum rotation: 570 degrees
  • Base dimensions: 840mm x 840mm with wheels and locker knob
  • Foot pedal: Multifunction water resistant
  • Voltage: Full range from 90VAC up to 240VAC automatically 50-60HZ
  • Power consumption: 200VA