Precision Magnified

Seiler Medical has been providing high-quality optics and service to the medical industry for over 75 years. Seiler offers a full line of Medical Microscope Products, including: Surgical Dental Microscopes, Colposcopes, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), Audiology, Compound and Laboratory Microscopes, Multidisciplinary Surgery Microscopes and Surgical Loupes.


Finally! A surgical microscope surgeons can easily use! Lightweight, fluid maneuverability and heads-up 3D display make Seiler’s 3D surgical microscope a breeze to work with. Watch a seamless magnified video image in FULL HD with the fastest image processing available. With up to 28x magnification, unprecedented depth of field and German Schott lenses, it’s revolutionizing the way surgical microscopes are used worldwide.

Precision-Crafted Solutions

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